Ben is Revere(d)…

I have made known my love of Ben Revere.
Not like in a romantic way, love the same way I love Waffle House love.

I have stated that his excitement and energy is one of the few things the Twins have going for them. Well his surge at the plate seems to be going hand in hand with the Twins surge, well maybe less sucky is a better way to put it.

Ben is hitting well, as of today his BA is .328 after going 2 for 7 today.
He has the highest BA on the team. His on base percentage is a respectable .353, he needs to slow down at the plate a little and get some more walks but whatever, he is still young.

He only has 19 runs and 9 RBIs, but that’s more to do with the lack of bats around him.
The kid has speed and has made some amazing defensive plays. Some Twins fans like to crap on him for mistakes he’s made, but I will take his heart any day. With a team full of a bunch of underachieving stiffs, Mauer and Morneau I am looking at you, a little fire is a good thing.

I have a but load of his cards so I hope he keeps it up.

One more for good measure



3 responses to “Ben is Revere(d)…

  1. Now I want some hashbrowns…

  2. I’m not sure what mistake’s he’s made that you’re referring to. Guy’s got a great smile, hustles, and is getting the job done. I wish he had a stronger arm, but whatever.

  3. I’ve had a mancrush/fancrush on Ben Revere for the past 2 years and am glad you like him too. His athletism is amazing, his energy is great, and he just seems like an awesome guy who loves the game of baseball (seems like Byron Buxton is the same way). Hopefully we can sign Ben to a long-term contract.

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