Catching up with the Hall of Famers…

I have been putting together my collection of HOFer rookie cards. I just had a major sale on ebay so hopefully there will be more on the way soon.

I have a few that have been sitting around and finally scanned them today to share with ya’ll.

Here they are in no particular order.

You know you are a badass when Hall of Famer is your second highest accolade. Mr. Robinson is also a Triple Crown winner! He and Johnny Bench are the two dudes in my collection that are legit contenders for top 20 all time.

Frank looks so young in this picture. I am used to him as the elder manager Frank not this young wipper snapper.

It’s grade is on the lower side but I got a great deal on it so I am cool with that.

Not just any player has a body of water named after him.

Willie is a 500 HR member and was a hell fo a player. His card is very unique and very cool looking.

Hells yeah, that is what I am talking about!

Next to my Killebrew rookie this is my favorite of my older rookie card collection. Carew was a beast, winning batting titles like it was nothing.

The grade is also on the lower but I got it for about half of what a 4 would have cost me. I need to get Seaver’s rookie from the same set, but that is slightly more coin.

Relics and autos are cool, but not nearly as cool as these older RCs.



3 responses to “Catching up with the Hall of Famers…

  1. KEVIN
    Im alive!! Wow ! the blog is still here ( not like I thought otherwise) Im returning home in a few weeks..I will contact you as soon as I land..

  2. Got some tight cards for you.. A huge stack.. Been closet collecting.. All twins.. I have a donruss threads patch auto ben river.. Numbered to 5.. I bought a case on cheap..

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