I wish I lived in the golden age…

No this isn’t a post about The Astroids Galaxy Tour, or any other Danish pop groups for that mater.

No this is about the golden age of hockey rookie cards, mainly the ’80s.

It started strong with Mr. Gretzky at the led edge of the decade and rolled on strong from there.

The great one may be the greatest but a little guy that likes to hang out in the ‘burgh is a close 2nd.
I recently re-acquired this card from my dad. I traded it to him many years ago, I forget what for. Anyway it’s back in my stack.

I love this card, it’s hands down my favorite hockey card. It’s a nice simple design and a great picture of Mario. I must say it’s in really good shape, great centering. I bet it would pull a 9 easy.

I also dug out this guy. Not the greatest overall but easily one of the, if not THE, greatest net minders.
Another cool design and cool picture. I bought this card for like $10 back at a show in Bloomington. The hobby was so enamored with Gretzky, Mario and Hull that he was largely overlooked on cardboard. It is easily the 3rd best card of the ’80s trailing only Gretzky and Mario.

These dudes join Wayne, Hull and Yzerman in my ’80s rookie collection. I think I should get a Mesier to join them.



2 responses to “I wish I lived in the golden age…

  1. Nice rookies, don’t forget a Brett Hull, and maybe a Sakic.

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