Topps Cross Sport Throw Down!!!

I loves me some ’80s sports cards, and I loves me some Topps base cards designs.

What better way to celebrate both things than a head to head to head battle royale of each year from 1980-89 base designs.

I will put baseball, hocket and football from each year side by side and see who rises to the top. I will leave out bball since there are only a few years that Topps made hoops cards.

Let’s start at the very beginning, it is a very good place to start.


Here they are in no particular order.

’80 is a strong entry, a classic design pushed to the forefront of the hobby by Ricky Henderson’s rookie. The challenge here is to focus on the design itself and not by swayed but the strength of the cards in the set.

I like the little banner on the top and bottom, it really pulls it together and provides nice balance. I also like the use of team colors in the design.

I can take or leave the facsimile auto.

This is an often overlooked set due to lack of high profile rookies. Phil Simms did give it some cred back in the day but it really falls behind some of the other loaded early ’80s sets.

The design is sparse but nice.The little football and stretched out oval deal is much more round and soft than most ’80s football designs. I like the set.


The design would be nice if not for that big black blob in the bottom corner.

The use of team colors and puck detail with the name could be cool, but the scratch-off gimmick ruins it.

1980 is a two horse race, football and baseball.

In a shocker I am going with football.

Baseball is a strong design but football is so nice and clean. It sneaks in for the win!

Thoughts, comment?



5 responses to “Topps Cross Sport Throw Down!!!

  1. this one is easy, baseball. As ugly as the black puck is, don’t scratch it off!

  2. Great idea for a series.

    I am not a collector of football or hockey, so I haven’t seen either of these sets before. I think I agree that football is the best of the three.

  3. In my mind the Topps ’80 baseball wins by a nose over their football set. That year’s hockey set was awful.

  4. thoughtsandsox

    1980 Topps is my all time favorite football card design. It may not have a bunch of rookies but it looks better than the other tqo sports.

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