Topps Cross Sport Throw Down 1981 edition…

Football is up 1 to zip to zip, can hockey or baseball pull a win out of their hat, or helmet as the case may be.

A great design. The little hat is awesome! And it better be because the design has little else.

It’s a design that has only what it needs, minimalism if you will. And ya know what, it works.

This is a case of a set being overly inflated by the strength of the rookies, or rookie. Montanas rookie is sweet and a classic. The set though isn’t as strong as you think.

If they had dropped one color from the design on the bottom it would have been a lot stronger. The blue up on the Bradshaw there is too much, it makes it look cheap. I also don’t like the little flag pole.

Just OK as a design.

This is the first in what will be many sets that date themselves. The roundy thing it has going on is very early ’80s, almost ’70s. I think the white with the red broder works well with hockey, it brings to mind the rink. This would be a winner if not for the giant team name over the picture.

We already have the team logo so the name isn’t necessary and really messes things up. it’s too bad. If not for that this would have been the winner.

I just noticed the name looks like it fell down, the angle doesn’t make any sense.

As it is baseball gets the W.



2 responses to “Topps Cross Sport Throw Down 1981 edition…

  1. Love the baseball that year, especially the 2nd year Ricky Henderson, but I gotta give hockey the win in my book. Just looks a bit nicer IMO. That set has the Dino rookie in it too, which is pretty BA.

  2. Baseball by a landslide here. The football design element doesn’t look like a flag to me, it looks like a street sign. Hockey is just kind of blah.

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