Topps Cross Sport Throwdown 1982 edition…

Time for a little look at 1982.

Baseball and football each have a win, can hockey come correct and get a “w”.

Another strong early ’80s baseball design. The simple double lines coming down the side and swooping along the bottom is such a great look. I love the way the name and team work off their corresponding color and thickness of their corresponding lines.

It’s smooth and simple. A great design, one of my all time favorites.

This is a nice solid design, the little penent is cool but this design is all about the helmet.

This is a nice little departure for Topps and card designs. The helmet isn’t a flat lifeless element you typically saw back in the day. It’s a fully rendered almost photographic helmet. It adds a ton to the design, and is something many folks overlook.

Another strong 1982 design, this gonna be tough.

Hockey fans out there will recognize this is a bit of a cheat. Topps didn’t produce a hockey set in 1982 but O-pee-chee did. Seeing as how Topps and O-pee-chee sets in the ’80s were pretty much the same I am going to use their design in lieu of Topps.

Another really strong design.

It’s simple and has good balance. I love the team colors incorporated into the design. I don’t think it was intentional but the design reminds me of the lamp behind the goal to signify a goal.

This is a hard choice, all three are great.

After staring at them for a few minutes I have to go with baseball. It’s just to smooth and slick to not take the top spot.



7 responses to “Topps Cross Sport Throwdown 1982 edition…

  1. Always thought of the ’82 baseball set as the ‘hockey stick’ set. Never really struck much of a chord with me. I’m partial to sets that include the team logo. I’d like the hockey set even more if it didn’t include both the name and logo. It’s the best of the three anyway, IMHO

  2. I’d go with the football design for the reasons you stated. Speaking of hockey doesn’t that picture of Joe Montana remind you of the Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane?

  3. thoughtsandsox

    They should have used the baseball for hockey. The hockey design reminds me of early Fleer. That said football wins again even though the design is weak. In reality, all three of them suck.

  4. Football by a nose over Baseball

  5. I never liked the baseball design in 82 very much at all. The football would win in my book with hockey a close second.

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