You spoke, I listened…

After reading some of the comments on the 1982 cards I have decided to change my pick.

’82 baseball is one of my personal favorites but I think football is actually the better design.
The helmet is what does it. That one element is just too cool.

So Football is at 2 and baseball is back to uno. Hockey is still zip.



3 responses to “You spoke, I listened…

  1. Kevin, if you’d have posted the Kramer card in the original post it might have swayed me. Tommy Kramer was my first ever draft pick in 1980 and my team’s first ‘fantasy football’ stud.

  2. Tommy Kramer…heard some legendary stories about him at traning camp here in Mankato…

  3. Yep. Helmet logos made all the difference. Football cards were just plain a little weird until Topps got the license to reproduce helmet logos in 1982. The old Fleer Action Photo sets from the 70s and 80s had logos, but the pictures were often just so busy, that you really couldn’t see them.

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