Topps cross sports throwdown 1983…

This should be interesting. 1983 baseball is one of the best looking most loved designs of the ’80s, but at least one other sport puts up a strong contender.


What a great design. The little close up picture in the corner, the outline of the picture and the outline of the name box on the bottom fit together to form the circle frame. So smooth and subtle.


Again we have to dip into O-Pee-Chee.

Before we get into the card design check out the sweet pants from the old school Whalers unis.

Back to the design.

It is simply to disjointed to work. The stick the little flag and then the team name up top don’t fit together. Also what is with these hockey sets and having the team name written out and the team logo?

The set looks like they threw elements from different sets on the card and just left whatever sticks.

No good

Oh man, what a great design.

The outline team name is gloriously early ’80s. It is so simple but looks so great here. The nice simple yellow box with the name and a white outline similar to the team name up top.

There is not much too it but it looks so great.

Well hockey is out so this is a two horse race.

Before I laid these design out and gave them a look I would have said baseball in a walk. But after looking at these I have to go with football and here is the piece that tipped the scale.

Baseball is a great looking design on it’s own merit. Football on the other hand is a nice design that really lends itself to the sport. Something about that design screams football, specifically early ’80s football. Baseball doesn’t really scream baseball.

Football is running away with this one as they pull to 3 wins, can they keep their streak going?



2 responses to “Topps cross sports throwdown 1983…

  1. thoughtsandsox

    Baseball hands down. Football ia alright but 83 is thw best Topps baseball set design of the 80s.

  2. the football is pretty sweet, but the 83 baseball set is one of the greats IMO

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