Time for a look at 1984…

As a kid 1984 Topps was my favorite set. I loved the Strawberry and Mattingly rookies and always though the little square picture was super cool.

Lets see how it holds up.

I may love this set but looking at it objectively I must say it is not a great design.

There is nothing wrong with it as much as it’s just kinda there. The block letter team name is just OK and the color behind the little close up pictures is kind of distracting.

I wish I could say it’s the top, but it just isn’t.

Similar to baseball this set is remembered fondly due to some key rookies. The design isn’t bad just not great.

The colors are nice and bold but they don’t always match up with the team colors. This wouldn’t mater but some use team colors and others don’t. For instance the Steelers cards have yellow and pink, it’s just too weird. I also don’t like the black box behind the team name.

The jaunty angle is OK, but not enough to pull it up to top spot status.

Now here is a great design. It is very similar to ’83 baseball and really works. I actually like it more than ’83 baseball.

I also welcome back an actual Topps set after a two year absence.

Easily the top set of ’84.

Hockey comes back swinging and gets it’s first win!



4 responses to “Time for a look at 1984…

  1. If football went without the angle, the set would be excellent. The angle just doesn’t serve a purpose other than wasting space.

  2. I vote for baseball again.

  3. love this hockey set

  4. None of them blow me away. I do like the little inset picutres on the baseball and hockey.

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