1985 in the house…

This may be one of my favorite years overall.

This set shouldn’t work but it does. It looks like the designer just dropped a handfull of elements into the bottom and left things where they fell.

It may be the most iconic set of the ’80s. This is due in part to the strong, well at one time strong, rookie checklist. There should have been a handfull of HOFers but Kirby may end up being the only one.

Anyway this is a fun design. It’s been used many times such as the 2007 e-topps release.

The set relies heavily on team colors and looks great, a tough one to beat.

I love this set, it really stands out from any other set of the ’80s. I posted about it a while back, and evereything I say there holds true here.

The clean black border and the landscape orientation are the keys to this sets success. Very cool looking set, ahead of its time.

Another strong set, this is gonna be tough.

Simplicity personified. The nice white border, the little corner logo, and a simple color bar with the players name and position. Beautiful.

I like the lack of the team name spelled out. Most hockey sets to this point have the team name and logo, and it was too much. Going with just the logo was a great choice here.

1985 really may be the best all around of the decade. Not a bad design to be found.

I have to go with hockey here. It is such a clean and classic design. Very attractive, one of my all time favorites.



4 responses to “1985 in the house…

  1. 100% agree with everything you said. Great year for sets.

  2. To me football would be the winner, although the hockey is a close second. I have always thought the 85 baseball set was kind of middling and without the big rookies it wouldn’t be much better than 1989 Topps.

  3. thoughtsandsox

    I have never seen 85 hockey before. I like it.

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