$#@! is getting crazy!

So to sum up the last few days in basketball:

Steve Nash is heading to LA
Huge news, the Lakers will have a hell of a backcourt. Are they a serious contendor now? Neither guy is what we would call…young.

Joe Johnson is heading to Brooklyn
A big time player for what will sure to be one of the hottest teams, not best but hottest.

Michael Beasley is heading to the Suns.
Beasley is a solid player, but can he replace Nash?

Jason Kidd is on his way to Knicks
Kidd is even older that Nash if that is possible.

Lin is heading to Houston
Let’s see if he can regain the magic. He won’t have to put up with the NY spotlight, is that a good or bad thing for the ivy Leaguer.

Dwight Howard is also likely on the move
Say what you will about Lebron but Dwight is the biggest baby in the NBA.

On the ice we have seen some moves as well.

Minnesota’s own Zach Parise is heading to the Wild.
Hells yeah!

Crazy offseason all around and there is plenty yet to come I am sure.



6 responses to “$#@! is getting crazy!

  1. I still need to find you something for that Nash….

  2. don’t forget Suter too. :)) GO WILD!

  3. That Lin card has weirded me out since I first saw an image of it… with Jeremy seeming to look straight into the camera and with the people in the stands clearly depicted, it’s like a “Sgt. Pepper” scenario, except there’s no Bob Dylan or Edgar Allan Poe in the crowd (I don’t think…)

  4. And Brandon Roy to your T-Wolves. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hopefully not Nicolas Batum too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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