This one should be easy…

We arrive at 1986.

’86 has some, shall we say unique designs.

I must admit I love this set. It brings me right back to my early years collecting cards. I was a Mets fan as a kid, thanks to my favorite aunt that lived in Queens, so when they won the ’86 series this is the set I had to have. Granted the ’87 set more accurately represented that team as a kid I didn’t care.

The design is bold and not in a good way. The black up top with the weird block letters is pretty in your face. Subtle is not a word you would use when describing this set. The letters feel very ’70s to me.

One of my favorite things about the design is the little circle with the players position. I am not sure why but it’s just cool.

Not cool enough though. This set is rough when looked at from a fare and balanced viewpoint.

This is another design I have fond memories of, and like baseball it is pretty rough.

If you take any collector familier with ’80s football and say “1986 Topps”, the first word that comes to mind is “Rice” the second is “green”.

It is very green. The rest of the design is fine but the green takes to much of a central role here, it’s distracting.

Not strong.

Similar to 1985 hockey we have a real strong design here.

The design is slick and simple. Nothing seems out of place or forced. Unlike the other two this is pretty subtle.

If this set came out today with this design it would fit right in, it’s that strong of a design.

Football and baseball scream “look at me” where as hockey just comes in and sits down and say “how ya doing”.

No contest here, hockey by a a mile!



4 responses to “This one should be easy…

  1. I agree hockey all the way here. It would be cool to see what some of these sets would have looked like in the other sports. Like baseball with the hockey design?

  2. This may sound crazy, but I think that old hockey cards even look cold. Maybe it’s the pictures of the ice with the washed out colors (look like fog on the ice).

  3. I think it would be interesting if Topps used some of its other sports card design on baseball cards. How do you think the 86 Topps Baseball set would have looked with the 86 Hockey design? Pretty awesome.

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