The prestige of Prestige is prestigious…

Panini sent me a box of prestige to check out, and it is pretty darn sweet.

Prestige is as close to a “flagship” set from Panini as we can get. I still wish they would just call in “Panini Football”, but whatever.

The base design is strong.

It feels like they started with 2010 Contenders and built from there.

I like the little box deal on the right side with the logo and name and all that good stuff. It has a modern/contemporary look. Big thumbs up.

Another thing I like abut the base set is the player selection. It’s not all skill position dudes, we have guys from both sides, and many dudes we don’t typically see.
Yup that there is a Brett Keisel card. That single card is enough to win me over.

Look at that photo of Harrison, he is one scary dude. I am pretty sure he is not 100% human, there has to be some kind of mad scientist work at play there.

There are a hand full of DEs and a bunch of safeties.
Pretty cool.

The two cards from this set that have the most heat are these dudes.
I can’t wait to see how this season plays out for Peyton and Tebow.

Prestige once again gives us a mess of rookies.

I love a good base RC and Prestige offers up some really nice specimens.
The rookies fall into two categories. Dudes for the rookie photo shoot in their unis and dudes in warmups from mini camps. Both are cool and are a big step up in many collectors views from last years airbrushed college unis.

Rookies also come in extra point parallels.
Chandler on the bottom there is numbered to 25.

Rookeis also have auto variations.
These are all stickers, but that’s ok. Its a trade off to have them in their uniforms.

I showed this off a few days ago, but here he is again.

I am on a good run with Prestige rookie autos. RG3 this year and a nice Locker letter auto last year.

The base design is strong, the vet checklist is deep and you will walk away with a stack of base RC including all the top dudes. A great start.

I will drop a post later with the inserts and other hits. In the meantime go get a box or a blaster. It’s pretty sweet.



One response to “The prestige of Prestige is prestigious…

  1. Interesting that they went from Xtra points to Extra points. Wonder why they added the E over the years when they started without it.

    Also it’s kind of weird that Panini did the whole airbrushing uni treatment for Tebow and Peyton for and then the cards aren’t airbrushed. Not bad…but just weird after seeing them shopped.

    And I agree on the fact that it’s awesome they have cards for guys like Keisel and Rolle. Fantastic stuff there.

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