Prestige Rookie Inserts…

Part two of the Prestige football review.

Let’s take a look at the rookie inserts, and there are tons of them.

The first isn’t an insert as much as a parallel.
I love these daft day variants. It’s a fun way to add a little something to a set. It’s also a great chase for player and team collectors. These fall one per box and carry a nice little premium on the secondary market.

There are four rookie inserts in the set.
These are a mixed bag, some like Draft day Destination and Prestige picks look pretty cool. The other two I don’t know, one is a ticket and one is an ID. I feel like they are too much alike. They are not bad looking cards just too similar for my taste.

I really like the Prestige Picks cards.
In person the gold really pops. They have a slightly high end look and feel. One of my favorite rookie inserts in a long time. These also have relic variations.
More on those in the next post.
Somehow I forget to scan them with the rest of the cards so we will get to those tomorrow.



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