1987 Topps, aka wood for everyone…

1987, a year that should strike any ’80s collector right in the gut.

I don’t know if this is true but I have heard it enough so I will assume it is, 1987 Topps baseball was the most produced set in history.

There are a ton of them but how does it measure up.

I have said this a few times nad here it is true; this may be my favorite set all time.

This is a great and classic design. Wood grain and baseball go together like avocado and a turkey club, that is to say very well. The design is very simple and clean, something that is true of almost all great design. The wood grain is the star and unlike the green in ’86 football it doesn’t overpower.

The logo in the corner is reminiscent of former champ ’85 hockey and it works just as well here. The cartoony font used for the players name really rounds it all out. Dare I say a perfect baseball card design? It would stink as a football design and that’s part of what makes it so great. It is perfect for it’s sport, tailor-made if you will.

This may be impossible to beat.

Fun fact: The Straw-man up there was my favorite card as a kid and is still up there.

This is a decent design. Nothing wrong with it but nothing great about it either.

The use of team colors on the flag deals up top is very nice and keeps this from being to flat or boring. I also like the big fat letter team name in the left flag.

It’s a fine design but can’t take down baseball.

This design stinks. Hockey had a great 3-year run of top notch design and then this. The hockey stick is too cartoony. Even back in ’87 blades on sticks were wrapped in fiberglass so the woodgrain looks dumb.

Also what is up with the pink team name?

No good

Baseball in a walk!

I would put this design up against anything and only a handful over the last 60 years can beat it.



4 responses to “1987 Topps, aka wood for everyone…

  1. I love the 87 baseball set, it was the set that got me collecting, that and the 89 Donruss. Call me crazy, but I think the 87 wood set is better than the 62. and I love the 62 set.

  2. They team name on the 1987-88 Wayne card isn’t supposed to look pink. The type of ink that was used had a tendency to blend and then eventually fade. I think it was purple at one time. I have a number of those and they are all purple except one…it looks pink too.

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