The Force is strong with this one…

I have written about Star Wars cards before, more than once.

Topps dropped some previews of their new ultimate Galactic Files Star Wars set.

The set is a whopping 350 cards, here are a few that caught my eye.

I love a good old fashion character card. I really love that he is listed as “Farm Boy”.

One of the earliest internet debates/trends I remember is the assertion on early Star Wars websites that Wedge was the true hero of the rebellion. Wedge fans mockingly refereed to luke as “the farm boy”.

Nien Nunb is cool, second only to Chewy as a copilot. This is a cool card but I really hope he has his own stand alone character cards as well.

I like the look of these manu-patch cards. They seem to all be patches of various squadrons. A cool idea. This one in particular is badass because it has a tauntaun riding an x-wing.

This card is cool. I sure hope it is part of an insert set of all the different times someone says “I have a bad feeling about this” from the various movies. Now that would be a sweet insert idea!

Pretty cool. I may have to try and make the set.



2 responses to “The Force is strong with this one…

  1. I love star wars and I like collecting the cards but when is it enough? How many more ways are they gonna milk this cow? Next thing ya know they’re gonna have ewok relic cards or Rancor Droppings relic cards next. Or Better yet sand from the Sandpeople relic cards.

  2. That’s cool! This is the first that I’ve seen of these cards. I think those manupatch cards are the only decent manupatch idea Topps have come up with.

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