Golden Gold…aka free cards…

I entered a mess of Golden Giveaway cards a few weeks ago. I got a mess of “coins” and 5 additional cards to add to my Ty Cobb.

I did some hustlin’ and traded my cards around and came home with these guys.

To be fair these first two I unlocked and kept.
Boo-yah, a gold to 99. I am not a Castro fan so this is up on the ol’ ebay.

Having spent 7 years living in DC I am a casual fan of the Nats and who doesn’t love Strausberg. The card looks great, it may be my favorite looking card of the bunch.

These are from my trades
I actually traded two scrubs for this guy. Well worth it in my mind.

Only two Twins in the set and i have both!

I traded Cobb for this. Some may say it was a bad trade but I am not a big Cobb fan and Griffy is the man!

The cards backs are pretty cool.
I like the nice little blurb, legit fun facts about the player.

Harmon’s is the best.
All hail the homerun king baby!

A pretty sweet offering from topps. The bets part is free shipping!



One response to “Golden Gold…aka free cards…

  1. I would make that Cobb for Griffey trade 10 times out of 10. That Griffey is awesome! Good decision!

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