Topps Cross Sport Throwdown 1988 edition…

This is my favorite year. It’s the year my young collecting career kicked into overdrive.

I love this design. If I had to pick one year to have my own baseball card it would be 1988 Topps baseball. No doubt.

The design is simple and clean. The Nice big team name up top looks good. I also like the simple player name in the little banner over the corner

I love it!

What a great looking design. It takes the helmet from 1982 and adds a much stronger design.

The team color border is really attractive; I like the way it fades away on the bottom. Very cool.

A strong contender.

This is a really fun design, not a great design, but fun.

The little pushpin is cool but kinda dumb from a design standpoint.

I love all three designs but football is by far the best here. I want to go with baseball but football is the clear winner.



3 responses to “Topps Cross Sport Throwdown 1988 edition…

  1. Football for sure. I have that Cunningham and I love it.

  2. I have to go with baseball, but I’m completely biased. I can’t get over the nostalgia I have for that particular set.

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