This should be interesting…

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been very busy at work and then had a leak and had to replace a bunch of pipes in my house.


Last night I was talking to my father, getting ready to head to Baltimore later this week for the National, and he mentions his neighbor stopped by and ask him to look at something.

His neighbor told him his father’s hobby was getting baseballs signed, and he did it for about 50-60 years. He wanted to know if my dad had any idea what they were worth. My dad asked him for a list of players and he produced a 10 page list. My dad was very excited. He told me he has a Babe Ruth ball, Clemente, Mays, all the biggies on up to more modern guys like a ball signed by Bonds and Jim Lyland.

We haven’t seen the balls yet but there is no raeson to suspect they are anything but authentic. My dad has know his neighbor for years and he is not the kind of guy to play games. He said his father accumulated the collection over his lifetime and they are in boxes stored away.

We are going to get some more info on them and take the list up to the National and see what we can find out as far as getting and appraisal and athuentication.

This could turn out to be a huge find.

I will keep ya’ll posted.



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