I survived the National…

I am back home from my trek north to the National in Baltimore.

My dad and I drove up Friday and spent the day. It was a good time all around. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend an entire day with their father looking at, talking about and buying cards? The drive back down 95 kinds blew, but that’s life in the Mid-Atlantic.

I hadn’t been to Baltimore in a few years. Here is a fun fact about Maryland and Virginia for those from elsewhere in the country (or planet as the case may be). The two don’t really like one another. I know folks that lived their entire lives in Northern VA, just minutes from Maryland that never crossed the Potomac to visit their neighbors to the north.

My wife and I lived in DC for 3 years and Northern VA for a little over 4 years and rarely went to Md, and when we did it was to Baltimore, specifically the little Italy section for dinner.

Anyway, on to the show.

We got there a little before noon and hit the floor. We split up to get a better view of things. He wandered the tables and I went back to the corporate booths to check in with my UD and Panini peeps.

I swung Panini and it was a mad house.
The wrapper redemption was in full swing and there was a huge line. I wanted to say hi to Tracy Hackler but he was being interviewed so I moved on.

Next stop was a few booths over at UD.
I immediately saw Chris Carlin and rolled up and said hi.

He told me what was up with their wax redemption program and gave me a tour of their booth pointing out a few upcoming products including one that really caught my eye, more on those in a future post.

He introduced me to a few UD folks and was looking for one of their VPs who is apparently a fan of the Ol’ Mojo Beard, but he had stepped away.

Chris was great and gave me a few items to give away to readers, so stay tuned.

I saw Brian Gray from Leaf but he was busy so I couldn’t say hi.

I wandered the floor a little and checked out the sights. I saw various displays including the PSA 10 Honus Wagner the dude found in his grandma’s attic. I also got to see the Benchwarmers booth, you could get your picture taken with one of the lovely young ladies, but I passed. If Sarah Underwood had been here it would have been a different story…don’t tell my wife I said that.

I swung back by Panini and was able to say hi to Tracy. He was a great but seemed disappointed that I didn’t have a beard. I explained that was a different guy. He told me the wax redemption program was killing it; their biggest concern was making sure they had enough stuff to last all 4 days. He said so far everyone in line has been able to get their packs. He is a busy man so I didn’t want to take anymore of his time to I headed back out on the floor. He also gave me some stuff to give away.

I found my dad a little while later and we each picked up a box of cards, I busted an A&G and he got a Heritage. We opened them and put together a plan of attack.

We headed out together to track down some ’52 high numbers for the collection. I had seen a few on my earlier travels but couldn’t remember where they were. For anyone that has been to the National you will know what I mean.

We tracked down about 25 over the course of the day, paying on average about 90 bucks a piece, not too bad for ’52 high numbers.

I brought a stack of random cards to try and trade and had some luck. The fruit of which was this dude.
Pretty sweet.

I got a bunch more stuff including a hit that has to be in my top 10 all time from a box I picked up.

More to come…including free stuff from UD and Panini…



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