See thru hype…

Right before I left for the National I got a couple of boxes from Panini. One was Elite football. It’s drop is well anticipated each year and this year brings a little extra hype in the form of the return of acetate cards.

On the floor (that’s what us National vets call it) there was chatter about the see-through beauties Panini gave the collecting world. Even some of the typically glass half empty folks are impressed.

My box offered up a pair.

The first was an auto.
Pretty sweet. The scan makes it look like a white background but it’s clear.

The second was this dude.
Also a nice looking card.

Even though it’s a non auto I think I like the second one better, something about the helmet.

I am a fan. This type of deal can really work when used sparingly. Keeping it rare helps keep it exciting. I like that companies are brining back ’90s inovation and making them new and exciting.

I will get the rest of the box up later but these have to be the highlights.



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