A closer look…

I am giving away a Court/Rink/Gridiron Kings VIP set from Panini.

You can still enter here.

I have a couple sets and busted one open to show you what’s inside.

RG3 is struggling in camp a bit but I still think her will have a more successful season than Luck.

The design is great, very regal. The painted looking pictures go very well with the design. Great looking cards!

Luck has giant shoes to fill in Indy, I am not sure anyone can live up to those expectations.

Another great card. I don’t know a ton about him but I know he is very popular with the kids.

Only his second card produced so far, crazy right. I love how he looks in his suit. He looks like a little kid.

No matter how good a player he is I just can’t see past the eyebrow.

The best thing about being drafted by the Bobcats, you will probably get to start.

A great set of cards. Last years Irvin VIP card is selling in 3 figures, will one of these get up there? One lucky reader will get to find out.



2 responses to “A closer look…

  1. Awesome stuff! I’m only not entering because I won too much lately haha. But that RG3 is especially awesome!

  2. That Nuge card is very sweet. Hopefully the Ice Kings inserts in this years Panini set (I assume Donruss) will look just like it.

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