Just in the nick of time…

After a long absence Evan Longoria made his return to the Rays line up. He went 1 for 3 with an RBI.

It was perfect timing because I pulled this from a box of 2006 Bowman DDP at the National.
Hells Yeah!

I have major mojo when it comes to DPP, having pulled a Posey Refractor auto, Mike Leake blue refractor auto, and this year I pulled a nice Bubba Starling auto. I have also pulled case hits in 3 DPP boxes over the last 5 years. The Longoria keeps my streak running. I am tempted to buy more boxes by I don’t want to temp fate.

2006 is my favorite DPP set so when I saw a stack of boxes for $55 at Blowout at the National I had to have one. When I pulled Longoria I just about fell over. One of my top hits all time! I love this card!

Overall I have mixed feelings on Bowman Chrome auto rookies. They are hands down THE rookie card of any player. Nothing else even comes close. My problem is that this fact really devalues all other rookie cards. I have stated many times my love of good old fashion non auto/relic RC, so this is a big deal to me.

Cracking open a wax pack and pulling out a card of the seasons biggest rookie prospect is a great experience, but the rise of chrome autos rookies has made it a pretty rare occurrence. You can crack case after case of Bowman chrome and never hit a huge name. Lets say you are a Buster Posey fan. To get your hands on his only rookie card, his 2008 DDP auto, you would need to slap down at least a Benjamin. He doesn’t have a base card in the set, so the auto is it. Sure he has “rookie” cards in 2010 but it aint the same.

Well enough of my blowhard complaints about how it was better in the old days.

It was a sweet hit and took my trip to the National from great to stellar.



3 responses to “Just in the nick of time…

  1. that is a GORGEOUS card.

  2. Sweet card! I should have you pick out my BDP boxes from now on even though I have pulled some decent autographs the last couple years.

  3. Daniel Mathews

    I will give you whatever you want for that card……

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