Panini dropped some photos of their up coming team USA basbeall set.

I love team USA sets, they are a lot of fun. You get to check out cards of the next generation before they are drafted, or even head off to college. You get to show your support to our national team and you may find the next superstar long before he hits the bigs.

They have relic autos and just plain autos.

The autos are really classy looking. The simple clean design with the flag in the background, whats not to love?

The relic autos are even better.
I love these. I can’t put my finger on it but I just find this really nice.

I can’t wait for these to hit the street!



6 responses to “USA, USA, USA…

  1. A great looking set for sure, I will have a lot to choose from for my American Flag collection too.

  2. Oh I am liking this! I might have to snag a few of these. I will admit I am impressed!

  3. Are they on card auto’s?

  4. Oh My! I may have to scrape up some money to get a few packs then! I am loving how these are turning out. I expected PANINI to do a sticker base on them.

  5. โ€œUSA, USA, USA… |โ€ ended up being really entertaining and informative!
    Within the present day universe that is very difficult to carry out.
    I am grateful, Cheri

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