This should prove interesting…

Mr. Squeaky Wheel, Dwight Howard, has been traded to the Lakers (pending NBA approval).
It is part of a 4 team deal that doesn’t really include anyone else worth mentioning here, except maybe Bynum going to the Sixers.

Dwight Howard went from a fan favorite to hated pretty fast. He shot his mouth about his coach, got him fried and seemed to show a lack of concern for his hometown fans to a degree I would say even surpassed the “Decision”.

I try not to let things as silly as sports get me rilled but for some reason Dwight Howard’s escapades over the last 12 months or so really got under my skin.

He is the dominant big man in the league and has indisputable skills. He got the Magic pretty darn close to a title a few years back. He joins Kobe who is as proven a winner on the court as we have ever seen but that is a lot of ego, maybe more than can fit in the Forum.

Mike Brown will have his hands full with a locker room that could go south pretty fast. Granted Coach Brown has experience with big names having coached Lebron for a few years, but then again that didn’t really end well for anyone involved.

Steve Nash will hopefully bring some calm and maturity.

It may be a success, it may be a failure but I am guessing it will be spectacular either way.



One response to “This should prove interesting…

  1. Andre Igudola of Team USA is moving in the deal…he’s a pretty big deal too

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