Elite football review…

I love Elite, I have since it made its debut back in the very early ’90s. Hell I even wrote about it for Panini.

Each year I eagerly anticipate it’s release and was very happy when it finally arrived.

The hype this year is about the acetate cards. I already gave those a look so check it out if you need a refresher.

Those may be the talk of the hobby but in my mind the star of the show is still the rookies.
I love me a nice non-auto/relic RC, and there are none finer than Elite.

The design has the elite feel we all know and love with a little uniqueness for this year. Last years sideways rookies are gone in favor of the more traditional look. I liked last year’s rookies but welcome the good old fashion portrait orientation.

The shiny foil look is still here with a slight textured background that looks awesome in person. I like the grey box along the bottom with the players name and team. It’s really simple and pops against the foil of the rest of the card.

The backs are nice and bold.
I love the big helmet.

Here are a few more.

I also found one auto rookie.
I like the green background. Case here was an undrafted free agent, so fingers crossed that he makes a name for himself sometime in the future.

Wilson is numbered to 799 with the other three numbered to 999. The auto is to 699.

I also pulled a rookie jersey card.
I like the design on these. It’s very clean and… pleasant looking. This guy is numbered to 399, 399 of 399 to be exact. Ebay 1/1 baby!

My last hit was also a jersey.
Mr Ross is numbered to a very peculiar 283.

The acetate is cool but not really new, but these are…
The numbers are cut out making for an interesting effect. These were laser cut if I remember correctly.

The resulting look of these cards is cool and something very different. The dark background was the right choice for these, it helps the negative space from the laser cutting jump out.

I guess I should mention the base cards.
Elite base designs are always simple and clean, and these are no different.

Man, I can’t wait for the season to begin. Peyton has some great young receivers out in Denver, it should be exciting.

I will wrap up in typical insert rapid-fire style.

With all the foil, see through and cut outs the simple white background of these card really standout. It is numbered to 999

In my mind this is the most “Elite” looking card in the box. It really brings me back to the older Elite sets of the past.

Elite is a great product and with the season just weeks away it is a perfect time to pick up a box to get your ready for some football.



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