Even more free Panini stuff…

I am going to go with Play at the Plates idea, well a varriation on that idea anyway.

Pick a number between 1 and 100

Closest wins these…

Must enter Wednesday at midnight (eastern) to be eligible!



41 responses to “Even more free Panini stuff…

  1. 40

  2. 69, Dude!

  3. 34

    Hope I win!

  4. Play at the Plate

    How about 22?

  5. 89 please!

  6. Ok, I’ll take 52. Thanks, Kevin!

  7. 24

  8. 73 Thanks!

  9. 18 for me!

  10. Random.org kicked out number 35, we have a 34 and a 36. I am going to go with Price is Right rules for the tie-breaker. Closest with out going over, so the winner is James at 34.

  11. Jerold, I have some other stuff from Panini sitting here, I will send you something too since you were so close, drop me an e-mail.

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