Just my “Luck”…and Tannehill…

I picked up my first 2012 Topps football over the weekend and hit it big.

My first noteworthy hit was this guy.
Granted it’s a single color patch, but it’s Andrew Luck so I will take it.

The next hit is pretty badass.
Pretty nice huh?

Tannehill was #8 and these 1984 throwback autos are really slick.

I think I need to start busting more wax, I have been pretty hot lately, especially with QBs. It wasn’t all that long ago I landed this guy.



2 responses to “Just my “Luck”…and Tannehill…

  1. And here I thought my daughter had the hot hand at some of our pulls. Guess I’m gonna have to replace her with you!

  2. Damn, you are on a nice win streak so far. I have to admit, I am kind of digging those 1984 throwbacks. Are you going to put up any of the cards for auction or keep them?

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