A Monster hit…how about 4…

I mentioned my string of good luck hit wise in the last few months.

What has to be the best of that run came from an old school box I picked up from the Baseball Card Exchange at the National. Well to be exact it was a box my dad and I picked up for my son as per his request for “old school hockey cards with gum in the packs”. We picked him up a wax box of 1988-89 Topps Hockey.

It was only about $135, so not much more than a current mid level wax box and have the possibility to pull rookies of a few HOFers and few sure to soon be HOFers.

Cracking old school wax is amazing, I forgot how great it is to slip your finger nail into the corner of the pack and pup the wax seal. Brings me back.

My son my dad and I sat around the table cracking wax, what is better than that? Nothing, that’s what.

It was a solid box, just a few cards shy of a set and well pulled these bad boys.
Four, count um FOUR, Hull RCs. Man, back in the day this would have been close to $400 worth of cards!

I love this card. I remember when it was second only to Gretzky and Lemieux as far as hockey cardboards was concerned. My son was more interested in the helmet stickers so I will hold on to these for him for a few years until he gets a few more years behind them.

So awesome!



2 responses to “A Monster hit…how about 4…

  1. Four in the box wasnt totally unheard of but four that look to be sans gum stains…? Thats got to be some kind of record.

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