2013 Topps Baseball…

Here it is
and in blue

Thoughts? Comment?

I need to process this a little before I can make a call.



7 responses to “2013 Topps Baseball…

  1. Hmmm…too much white i think but i do like the little field design border thingy on the bottom. They are definitely different from the past couple release years.

    • I am with you on the white, especially on the Nationals, the white void area in their “W” logo is too much. The Tigers looks much better

  2. love it. and I don’t even put flagship together, but this is decently tempting.

  3. I like it. I wish there were player positions on there somewhere though.

  4. I like it, but would love to see them scrap the foil names on the base, and use the saved money to boost the cards-per-pack.

  5. I’m with Ryan, playing position on the front should be mandatory

  6. I like it…much better than 2012’s design.

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