NFL veteren predictions brought to you by Score…

Rounding out the 2012 Score set here are my predictions for a few of this seasons standouts.

Let’s start with the big one.
I think Peyton will have a solid year and he will lead the Broncos to the Playoffs, perhaps even past the 1st round.

Speaking of the Broncos…
These two guys are going to have monster seasons. Old man Peyton has two solid options in Mr. reliable Decker and Mr. Speedy Thomas. i am going to say they will be the talk of the NFL and the top tandem in the entire league.

I say Stafford leads the league in yardage and TD passes.

Check out how sweet the Gold Zone parallels are. I also got a red zone parallel numbered to 20. Scores various zone cards are one of my favorite parallels out there. another nice little piece of this set.

Alex Smith had a decent season in 2011, and I say he has an even bigger season in 2012 including another deep playoff run. Maybe even a Super Bowl appearance.

Ryan here will build of his solid rookie season and establish himself as one of the top linebackers in the league. I say he breaks into double digit in sacks.

Percy has improved every season since entering the league and this season will be no different. With AP still recovering I see his looks and carries going up. I say he goes for over 1000 yards receiving and 400 rushing.

On a similar note…
I think, and hope, the Vikings will be careful with AP and his knee. This means Toby will get more carries. I don’t think he will get 1000 yards or anything but I say he is well over his 2011 531 rushing yards.

I didn’t get this dudes Score card so here he is in Elite.
This year Jarred Allen breaks the single season sack record.

Like I said in my rookies post Buffalo is supposed to have a good season. If so Spiller should have a decent season, maybe even a 1000 yard effort.

This guy will be the talk of the league. He will be the leading rusher and a serious MVP candidate. His cards will also be all over hot lists.

To round out the 2012 score I need to share these guys.

Here is the aforementioned red zone numbered to 20.
Red Zone is a great name.

Here is what the card backs look like.
I like the full stats and nice big team logo.

The last card is sweet.
Score offers up reprints of some of their most famous rookies. They seem to fall one per box. Nice added value.

Go pick up some of these, especially is you have some young collectors in your life.

Thoughts? Comments?



3 responses to “NFL veteren predictions brought to you by Score…

  1. I can see pretty much all of them except Spiller. The guy just isn’t that good of a running back. He was a very average RB in college and will continue to be a below average running back in the NFL. He’s a good kick returner, but that’s it.

  2. who else is collecting this set? I’ve got a big stack of tradeables including almost all my glossies. Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo.

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