Rookie picks brought to you by Score football…

I am a football fan and know a good bit about the game. I am also a collector that knows a good deal about cards. I pay almost no attention to college football so when it comes to picking the next big rookie phenom I am not all that on top of things. That won’t stop me from making some picks as to who I think will be a few of the big rookies this year.

To help me I am going to call on 2012 Score Football brought to us by our friends at Panini.

My list is comprised of only the rookies that I got out of my box of Score, but with a couple of rookies per pack that is just about all of them.

We will start with the big names

I think RG3 will be the biggest of this years QB class. Luck is gonna get knocked around pretty hard out in Indy. The Skins are a terrible organization but have the most pieces in place to give their young QB a shot.

With Peyton Hillis in KC Trent and Montario should split duty at RB and both have nice seasons.

Here is where I start to reach.

This pick is based on two facts:

1st-Broyles will be receiving passes form one of the best QBs in the game on a team that is hungry. Megatron will be receiving extra attention downfield so Broyles may be able to sneak in and pick up a mess of catches.

2nd-I have a mess of his cards already including an auto so I really want him to do well so I can sell them on ebay.

This guy has a lot going for him. He is playing for a team and coach that doesn’t mess around and has turned out some great defensive players. He has a badass name, how can you not be a defensive star with the name Hightower! Finally look at him there, he looks tough as nails!

I keep hearing that Buffalo is poised to turn the corner and make a run. If so it would stand to reason a nice young receiver should stand to gain. I also really like the name TJ Graham, it feels like a great football name.

I have never been a huge fan of Rashard Mendenhall, he seems like a bit of a primadonna and he has a really shitty signature. I am always looking for the Steelers next big back. Chris is an undersized little back with speed that may be able to help mix things up. I don’t know that he has speed, but being so small I would assume her does. I mean he looks fast in that picture, right?

I like this dude. Mainly because I pulled his Elite rookie, and I love a good Elite RC. I have also heard from multiple sources that he is a really good dude. He may not have a great season but perhaps he will be one of those late bloomers, like David Garrard.

My final pick is this guy.
I pick this guy for one reason. I wanted to make sure and show of this slick Score rookie auto. I mean come on, a nice rookie auto from a box that costs like a buck a pack!

So those are my half assed picks.

Check out Score football. The base cards are nice (I will put up some scans later) and the rookies are really slick and won’t cost you and arm and a leg. Busting a 36 pack box is fun no matter what but a box LOADED with rookies and a shot at a nice little auto is hard to pass up.



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