Topps Golden Giveaway mailday…

I posted my first haul of Topps golden Giveaway cards a little while ago.

I entered another stack of redemption and hit even more of the die cut cards. No gold version this time though.

I entered about 80 codes and that gave me 8 cards, so about one per 10, not too bad. I had them delivered, and it was just over $6 for all eight. Not too bad. They arrived Friday and here they are.

This was the fist card I unlocked and I was floored. It was the card I wanted most. Is there any better feeling in collecting than pulling the card you really want?

Another guy I wanted! I am a fan of the retired dudes, luckily I got a mess of them.

I almost traded my Ty Cobb for this guy my first go-round. I was on a huge lucky streak.

Not too bad. I tried in vain to trade him for someone else, but with no luck, still pretty cool though.

Hells yeah. Another favorite of mine! One of my best cardboard runs in any format.

For some reason I really like this card. I have always been a Vald fan and he looks great here in his old Expos uni.

Are you kidding me? Another guy I love!

If I had to go through the entire checklist and rank my top 5 cards I would have wanted to pull 4 of them wound up in my account with these codes.

To be fair the final card here wasn’t from one of my codes. I unlocked a chris carpenter and traded it for this guy.
I am not sure why but I have been a Napoli fan since his rookie year. A cool card.

It took a butt load of codes but these guys were worth it. I hope Topps does something similar next year.



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