Be right back…

Sorry for the lack of posts. As I have mentioned I work at the University of Virginia and we are getting ready for the start of the school year this coming week. I have been a busy little guy.

Speaking of little guys, my son just started kindergarten this past week and that has me slightly distracted.

To hold ya’ll over until I get back to the key board full time next week here are a few cards I have noticed around the interwebs.

Panini put these up earlier this week.
Craziness, right?

My only question is what kind of nutty top loader would you need for one of these!?

Hackler says they are redemptions, which makes sense, they would make pack searching pretty east. Just feel for the laces.

From the same set comes this beauty too
It’s a little acetate over a patch. I think it makes for a nice presentation.

Finally is this card from the Topps website.
Brett went a little crazy with the signature here.

I will be back in a few days…



One response to “Be right back…

  1. The Minnesota Wild card sure is. Wild.

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