I’m back, with some Hoop-a-loop…

I finally have all 6181 students moved into the res halls at UVa. Time to get back to blogging.

Over the last week I have received two packages from my pals down in Texas (that’s Panini if you don’t know). I have some football, some hockey and right here we will look at some bball.

Last season Panini brought Hoops back to the world. Last week they dropped 2012-13, including rookies from this and last season.

I was sorting through my box, getting ready to put up a review and noticed how great the photos on these cards are. so I decided to drop a few posts with a few different photo themes I noticed.

The first is something that drives my dad nuts about the modern game.

See if you can figure it out.
I will give you a hint, look at the ball, or more specifically the position of the ball.

Sorry Mr. Kobe but there is no way that is not a carry right there.

Yup, we have some great shots of dudes clearly traveling.

I mean come on, Mr. Kardashian is holding that ball against his side!

This one looks like he is carrying a football. High and tight baby.

It’s funny, NFL officials call everything, the whistle gets blow far more than ever before. But in the NBA guys take 2-3 steps holding the ball and nothing. Not complaining, just making an observation.

The next theme in the great photo selection from 2012-13 Hoops is…

Funny things happening in the background.

This card has four things in the background, see if you can find them all:

1. A lady texting
2. A lady putting on makeup.
3. A lady taking a picture of Jason Kidd’s butt with her cell phone.
4. A guy with a Jason Kidd haircut.

If you find all four give yourself a gold star!

This next card is my favorite.
At first you are like, “oh, it’s just a picture of Steve draining another 3”.

Look closer though.

Here let me help you out.


I have a ton more on the way. In the meantime run out and buy a few packs, or a box if you are a baller. This is a great set.



2 responses to “I’m back, with some Hoop-a-loop…

  1. You cannot say they are traveling for certain in those pics. They might have picked up their dribble taken a step and shot or passed.

  2. I can’t remember a set where there are so many pictures of guys dribbling, let alone traveling. BTW, if they are not traveling, they also aren’t about to be doing anything productive.

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