Rookies and Stars… lets start with the rookies…

I am a Rookies and Stars fan. 2004 R&S is one of my favorite modern sets, I even posted about it.

Tuesday I got home expecting a package from Blowout but instead was presently surprised to find a nice box from one Mr. Hackler.

Inside was a shiny box of 2012 Rookies and Stars.

With the set you get rookies and you get stars. Let’s start with the rookies.

The base rookies are mostly dudes in their practice gear. Call me crazy but I like dudes in their practice gear. I think it has something to do with the bulk of one of my favorite players, Troy P, has mostly rookie cards in his practice hear.

Anyway. The design is far more subdued than is typical for this set. I both like this and am bummed out by it. This is a fine design. Good balance top to bottom. They didn’t overdue it with the foil and great use of team colors. But, and this is a big but, I tend to like my R&S cards a little more garish and ugly. I like a nice ’80s splatter paint or cheap computer graphics like we got in 2004.

I jest, kinda…

There is a deep rookie checklist, a great thing for team collectors and football has a lot of those. In my box I got 4 different Vikings rookies. Very nice.

In addition to the base rookies there are the True Blue parallels.
These seemed to fall just about one per pack. These are nice enough but I wonder why they went with blue. I love the color blue but it isn’t very footbally. These aren’t numbered but carry a nice little premium for the bigger name dudes on the ebay.

Now to the good stuff, what we in the business like to call the hits.

I got two base autos; this guy and one of my rookie breakout pick Dont’a Hightower. Somehow I forgot to scan his card. I will get it up later today.

Don’t’a was to 999 and Mr. Charles is to 199. I am not sure why he is such a low run.

This guy was also to 199
I think these are really attractive. I like the shape of the patch. It really plays into the landscape orientation of the card. Well done. Plus it’s a Viking.

Here is the winner of the box.
Keeping my streak alive. He isn’t Luck or RG3 but still a strong hit. This card was selling for close to $90 the other day when he was announced as a starter.

It’s a great looking card. I am a huge fan of these. He is numbered to 499.

It may seem silly but I really like the diamond pattern on his jersey piece, I feel it adds a lot to the card.

2012 Rookies and Stars have the rookies’ part down. Tomorrow I will look at the Stars. He is a spoiler, they are nice too.



2 responses to “Rookies and Stars… lets start with the rookies…

  1. I would sell that Russell Wilson before he plays a decent defense.

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