Hits of Yore, Hoops edition…

I have been scanning cards for the second round of Hoops posts and it reminded me of a couple of cards from back in the day. So for the second time we dip into late ’80s/early ’90s Hoops to check out some hits of yore.

Back in 1990-91 it was all about B-ball. Hoops and fleer were tearing it up, Upper Deck entered the fray and Topps was about to return to the court after a 10-year absence.

Hoops released a great looking set that had the big name rookies and the HUGE Team USA cards. Most of us picked up our Hoops in wax, but you could also find for the first time Hoops rack packs. In those came a little bonus, one of these.
or one of these
One set featured Slam Dunk champs the other had All Star MVPs. No need to tell you Jordan here was the biggest name, by far.

Special inserts in rack packs weren’t anything new. Topps had their classic all-star cards since the really ’80s, but these were different.

Ya see these two cards mark an important turning point in my view of trading cards. This was the first time a special insert carried real value, Value beyond any regular card in the set.

Pro Set, Donruss and Upper Deck had ultra rare (for those days) inserts such as Heroes autos, Elite and Lombardi holograms. These two cards weren’t nearly as rare. You got a shot at one in each rack pack. You could open a handful of them and get a Jordan no problem. I was driving home from Shinders (that’s for my loyal Minny fans) and cracked a few packs in the back of the minivan. When we got home my dad saw these and said, “These are kinda valuable”. I was shocked and pleased. I remember them selling in the $20 range. Major cash for the day.

The cards both have a nice classic look and still sell for a few bucks on ebay.

Their importance is somewhat lost. I think you can trace the crazy late ’90s bball inserts back to these two cards.



One response to “Hits of Yore, Hoops edition…

  1. I had that same feeling about two years later when I pulled the Shaquille O’Neal redemption out of a pack of Upper Deck basketball. I loved that set and am still completing the insert sets. I guess I can blame Hoops.

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