Kobe is not amused…

Panini inserted some pretty rare Kobe’s All Rookie team SP cards in Hoops packs.

I am a fan of these cards. I love a nice non-relic/auto card with some buzz and secondary market value.

These cards fit he bill and have a really nice look.
I like the sepia look of the background, very nice.

I have to draw attention to Kobe. Look at him. At the very least he is indifferent at the worst he is downright pissed. Come on Kobe, you and the Lakers are contenders again, crack a smile.

I am bidding on the Rubio version of the card on the ebay, hopefully I win.

I am loving the return of these types of SPs.
I hope they keep them coming.



One response to “Kobe is not amused…

  1. Perhaps Kobe is either constipated or found another legal letter in the mail! Or stoned so bad that he’s eating kitty litter and saying, “wow…..that’s crunchy”.

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