Sir yes sir…

Check out this redonculous relic/cut auto Panini dropped on their blog today.


What a beauty of a card.

It will be offered in the upcoming Americana set.

Having one of a generals stars as a relic is awesome, really awesome! Hopefully I don’t have to tell anyone who Ike is and why he is importent to the history of the US and the world for that matter.

The cards are numbered to 4, one for each star. Ike didn’t stop there though. He started at as brigadier General, moved on to Major general, then made Lieutenant General and on to General. Then during WWII he was one of the very few men in history to be made General of the Army and received a fifth star. He was also made Supreme Commander of the Allied forces. How is that for a title.

To put that in perspective he got to tell 5 star Generals and Field Marshalls what to do!

I am not typically impressed by over the top cut autos but this one is badass.



2 responses to “Sir yes sir…

  1. In terms of both subject and design I’d say that might be the best cut auto I’ve seen.

  2. I think I’d trade every card in my collection for that card. Nice.

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