How sweet are these?

I recently busted a box of Score Hockey. It’s a fun product at a low price. You can find it is cheap as $30 a box.

My son is a hockey fan so we cracked open the box. He loves goalie cards so he quickly grabbed all of those. There are a ton of great cards but two subsets really caught my eye.

The first is a throwback to one of my favorite set of the past.
These remind me of the old Team Pinnacle sets from the early 90’s.

It’s a simple design but works so well.

They also have rookie versions.
Equally cool.

Maybe it’s based on my past as a collector in the ’90s but the design makes me feel like these cards are something special. The old Team Pinnacle cards were such hard pulls, these seem to fall about 3 per box but still feel special.

The next subset is another throwback.
I love the old Franchise set. One of my favorite autos is from this subset.

I would like to point out that Mr. Bower here is a goalie. No mask needed, and scarcely any pads. Weere they tougher back then, or dumber?

Here are a few more.

Look how weak Ed is, wearing a mask.

This is the top card by far.
Gordie is the man and this is a great image of him. The red on his jersey plays well with the green of the design.

I will post more cards form the set. If you are a fan of hockey it’s a lot of fun for less than the price of 2 blasters.



One response to “How sweet are these?

  1. I’m not a hockey fan, but this makes me wish Score could still do baseball cards. A $30 box with character but not necessarily the hits is pretty cool.

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