So shiny…

A few weeks ago I used some of my hard earned ebay cash to pick up a couple of boxes. After much debate I picked a box of Inception and a box of chrome baseball.

I am a fan of chrome, who doesn’t love shine, right?

Here are the top cards.

A nice xfractor of Mr. Minnesota. Mauer is having a solid year, but he isn’t supposed to have solid years, he is supposed to have batting title and MVP years.

Topps designs always look better in chrome and this year is no different. The little color border around the picture really pops when chromed. I like.

Blue refractors are my favorite parallel in all of cardom. I am also a fan of Cano and Josh Hamilton so this is a triple score!

I am torn on these. They look cool but they seem more Finest than chrome.

Not a terrible auto, it would have been a better hit a few months ago but still.

The winner by far…
I love Chris Parmelee. I still think he will be a star and a gold auto numbered to 50 is a win in anyone’s book!

A solid box, I am pleased.



2 responses to “So shiny…

  1. congrats on the Parmelee pull!

  2. Even if I don’t like the Chrome, I do like that Cano.

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