Wow, people really like precious metals…

UD dropped Fleer Retro basketball on the world. A box will run you around $500. There are autos and rookies and all kinds of stuff, but lets get serious this release is all about the Precious Metal Gems.

PMG hit back in the ’90s and have gone crazy. Selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

The modern versions are just as crazy.

Lets start with the top dog.
This is the blue version numbered to 50.

A version numbered to 23, MJs number, sold for $20,000. Crazy! A version numbered to 24 is sitting at just over $8,000 with 2 days left. A green, numbered to 10, has yet to sell.

The second big dog is Lebron.
This copy sold for $3,050.

None of his greens have sold either.

This green has sold though.
It sold for $3,350.

If you take into account that a Magic blue version sells for about $500 you get a sense of what a Green MJ or Lebron may be worth.

Even considerably more subdued guys like Grant Hell are hitting 4 digits.
This cards sold for $1,350.

This has to be one of the most over the top sets dollar wise I have seen in years.

If you pull a green Jordan you could sell it and buy a car, that’s just insane!

I really like the look of these cards. The surface is cool and like almost nothing else out there, it’s a like a matte finished chrome. I doubt I will ever own one though.

It’s nice to see another product where the biggest draw isn’t autos or relics.



2 responses to “Wow, people really like precious metals…

  1. Agree with your last sentence. Like the good old days…

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