Seeing double, 2012-13 NBA rookies…

The NBA season is just around the corner and we already have a handful of sets, and with it a double rookie card class.

With the shortened 2011-12 NBA season Panini decided to hold of the rookie cards for the 2012-13 sets. It reminds me of 1989 football. You have the new draft guys and players getting the old school first card after their first season. A nice throwback if you will.

The biggest name from last year, and lets be honest really the only name is this dude.
Kyrie had a solid rookie season with 18.5 ppg and 5.4 apg. Good numbers but he will need to pick it up if he wants to help turn the post Lebron Cavs around.

He broke his hand this off-season but hopefully that won’t slow him down.

It remains to be seen how the collecting world will view his 2012-13 cards. So far his cards are selling in the same neighborhood as Anthony Davis.

I think his hoops card is a great looking card. I love the design and the action shot work well with the over all look of the card. The colors also play nicely with one another. It has the look of a card that could become iconic.

This years draft dudes get the more traditional rookie cards look.

Draft night photos work for me going back to the original big time Hoops rookie.

Anthony Davis has a NCAA title under his belt and a giant eyebrow on his head.

Davis joins a woeful Hornets team that went ownerless for a stretch, but the new owner has added uncertainty in that he has talked about his hope to move the team back to Charlotte someday.

The good news is Anthony and his eyebrow will most likely get to start.

Hoops as a set has a great look and a great checklist! Both the draft guys and last years class will surely attract attention and only get hotter the closer we get to tip off in late October!

I am most excited about this card.

I just figured something out.

The rookies have a different color scheme than the vets.
Look at the little deal next to the name on both cards. On K-Love it’s blue on D-Williams it’s green.

Go guys some Hoops if you haven’t already.



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