The highest cardboard in the land…

Who doesn’t love America, I know I do.

I take my role as a citizen of this fine country very seriously. I do my best to stay informed. I know my representatives and write to them or call their office when I feel the need. Which is surprisingly often. A few times I have even received a call back! I feel it is my duty.

I also feel strongly about voting. This year the process of picking the next President has taken on a more prominent place in my life due to having a son old enough to have a sense of what is going on.

When I cracked open a box of Americana and saw the cards of our presidents I was ecstatic! We sat down with them and went through our leaders and talked about what the president does, who these men where and what made them famous or in some cases infamous.

I was very pleased to find I was able to put together a full set of all 44 presidents.

From this guy…
…to this guy…

Obama looks very…well…very presidential in that photo.

The cards are well done. A simple portrait/photo on the front with the little presidential seal detail on the bottom and quick blurb on the back.

Here are a few more I felt like scanning.

Lincoln looks pretty badass. He has the swagger of a guy that held us together through one of our most tumultuous periods.

TJ is probably one of the most brilliant men to hold office. I am slightly biased seeing as I work for the university he created.

Teddy is easily the most kick ass president. In a 44 man presidential battle royale my money is on him!

FDR may be our finest president. He brought us from the brink of financial disaster and stared down the Axis with out so much as a blink!

Here are a few more…

Hayes has the greatest first name of any president and one of the finest beards.

The second Adams makes me laugh because when ever I see his name I can’t help but hear Bender from Futurama talking about the great robot president John Quincy Adding Machine.

Grover is easily our most rotund president.

LBJ is one of the most misunderstood presidents. He is best known for his acceleration of the Vietnam War. This over shadowed his fine work with moving forward the civil rights movement and the space program.

This is a great set, the presidents are just one piece, and I will get to the others in a future post.

If you have kids this is a must and you can justify it by saying it is educational!



8 responses to “The highest cardboard in the land…

  1. That picture is deceiving — Taft was our most rotund president! Don’t you remember the story about his bathtub? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. John Quincy Adding Machine, just another robot president who made a promise he could not keep.

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