Gaining Momentum…

Do you love hits?

I know I love hits. I am not sure I can get enough hits. A box with 3 hits is cool, some even have 4, and then products like EEE have as many as 6!

Childs play. The recently released Panini Momentum football has 10! TEN!!!

Each of the ten packs in the box has three cards, two base and one hit.

Lets take a peak at the base.
Solid. A simple design that feels high-end. The background has an “M” in a slightly shinier material than the rest of the card, giving it a ghosted style look. Like i said, solid.

They also have numbered version that are differentiated by different color foil. I got one gold numbered to 100.

The hits!

Six of the ten were autos. Four of those are base rookie autos.
Decent enough cards. Most of these guys are lower picks and non-skill guys. I got four of them, increasing the chance of getting a guy who may someday be the next Miles Austin or from one of your favorite teams.

The best card was easily this guy.
Dallas Clark auto numbered to 20!

Dallas doesn’t sign a ton so a pretty cool get.

My favorite of the autos was this guy.
For a split second I thought I pulled another Russell Wilson, but alas it was his fellow Seattle rookie Robert Turbin.

I like the look of the card. The relics are small but work well with the design. I just wish it was Russell Wilson.

The rest of the hits were relics, including a monster patch.

Nothing too exciting here, but not a bad card.

I think the two relic piece works better than the three-relic piece up above.

This card is kinda funny. Pulling it yesterday was a nice little pull. If I had pulled it the same time last week it would have been a major bummer. It’s funny what one good game will do for a rookie.

This is my favorite card from the box.
There are not enough Jim McMahon cards out there. He wasn’t a great QB but his role in the ’85 Bears march through the rest of the league will forever keep his name on the tongues of football fans.

This last card is sweet; I will let it speak for itself.
What a great patch! The scan doesn’t do it justice.

This product is a lot of fun. A nice hit in each pack makes for a fun break.

It was a really fun break on many levels, about as much fun breaking a box as I’ve had in a while. Having fun is what it’s supposed to be about after all, right?



2 responses to “Gaining Momentum…

  1. He was the punky QB, after all.

  2. Not sure I like McMahon off the field but on it he was a player’s player. And who can forget the Monday night game against the Vikings?

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