So, who should win the NL batting title…

Here is a quick run down on the NL batting title race.

About 2 months ago Andrew McCutchen had a massive lead with Melky Cabrera trailing in second.

Then Melky tested positive for PEDs.
The pundits quickly realized Melky could possible qualify for the title but it was thought to be a non issue since McCutchen was so far ahead.

Fast forward to earlier this week. McCutchen cooled and dropped below Melky. There was a real possibility a guy sitting out the end of the season serving a suspension for PEDs could win the batting title. Crazy.

To make it worse Melky dug a little deeper into a shit hole when it was discovered that he or one of his peeps built a website to sell some supplement he used so he could say he bought it there and oh look it makes no mention of the banned substance. Even those that could overlook the PEDs couldn’t overlook deception of that degree.

The a few days ago Melky contacted MLB and asked that he not be eligible. I am sure there was preasure on him to do so, but still it was a solid move on his part.

This leaves McCutchen as the leader for the NL batting title.

I don’t feel this is a lesser title for McCutchen. Unlike The ’98 homerun race this is a case of a player breaking an existing MLB rule. Even if McCutchen ends the season with an average less than what Melky had it will be the best. Melky’s average was dirty.

I am a fan of McCutchen, he seems like a good dude and it’s nice to see the Pirates finally have a legit star. I just picked up this beauty from ebay.
Love it. I got it for $35, a steal if you ask me.

I am a fan of the mid ’90s Sterling auto/jersey rookies. It’s definitely something being more than a sum of it’s parts. It has a tiny picture, a single color swatch and a sticker auto. Thing almost universally disliked by fans but all together they just work. They have a real quirky feel to them.

I just checked the numbers and Mccutchen had better watch his back. Buster Posey is hot on his heels!
I like Buster fine but not sure i like the thought of a catcher other than Mauer winning a batting title.



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