Can he do it?

In my mind there are two batting feats in MLB that stand head and shoulders above all other.

.400 average
The Triple Crown

Two things I have never seen in my lifetime. Two things that propel a player into immortality. At one time 60 hrs would have been included but the late ’90s changed that.

Three men have done both.



That gives you the caliber of players we are talking about.

Huge names such as Aaron, Mays, Ruth, and Hrbek never did either.

This season we are on the verge of seeing someone do one of these for the first time in over 40 years. As to not be a jinx I am not going to name names but we have a guy leading in all three Triple Crown categories. A solid lead in RBIs, a decent lead in average, even though Mauer’s 3 for 4 night adds a little pressure, and a tie for HRs.

Card-wise the player in question doesn’t have a ton of rookie cards, so the few he does are on fire.
Base chrome is selling for close to $50 with base topping $20.

This bad boy is selling for over $300 ungraded and in the $1000 range graded.

Monster prices for modern cards.

I would loved to see a Triple crown winner, even if it is a guy on the Tigers.



3 responses to “Can he do it?

  1. i like how you threw hrbek in there on the list of great players…nice homer touch

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