Is he the one?

The Vikings have been searching for a solid QB for years. Really they have been looking for a solid long term option under center since Fran Tarkenton. Sure guys like Moon, Cunningham and recently Favre gave them a year or two of solid ball, but no real solid franchise QB. Sure they had Culpeper, but it just fizzled way to fast.

We may have found one.

Now it may be a little really but after Sunday I am feeling good about this guy.

Christian Ponder brought us a win against what many consider the NFLs top team. He did it with poise and a late game clutch drive to put the game away.

He was 21 for 35 for 198 yards and two TDs. he also ran for a score. His number in the week 2 loss may have been even more impressive going 27 for 35 for 245 and 2 TDs. Not too bad.

I think one of the most importent things is he seems to have found his go to guy in this guy.

Granted he just had 5 grabs for 36 yards, two of them being TDs.

In recent years a QB needs solid TE to go to in the clutch. Big Ben has Heath, Rivers has Gates, Favre had Visanthe, Brady has Gronk and so on.

I think Ponder and Rudolph could prove to be a solid tandem. It gives me hope and as a Vikings fan that’s all we really have.

Now it was one game, but it was a nice win for the purple ones. Lets see how they do against the Lions. I predict they win 34 to 6 and Ponder throws for 500 yards.




4 responses to “Is he the one?

  1. My thought is that I wish both teams could lose. Guess what team I root for. Grrrrr!

  2. I was really impressed with Ponder, he looks like he could be the real deal. I am 49er fan and he carved us up.

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