The other Triple Crown…

Not all triple crowns are created equal. The batting crown is the gold standard of hitting, full of mystery and intrigue. Something fewer than 10 guys have accomplished in the last 100 years. The pitching Triple Crown, ERA, Ks and wins, is far more common, two guys did it last year alone.

The reason I even bring it up is to talk about one of my favorite topics, Lefty Carlton!
I honestly feel he is one of the greatest pitchers of all time and his showing in 1972 is the greatest year EVER by a pitcher. In 1972 he won the Cy Young and achieved a pitching triple crown. He had a 1.97 era, 310 strike outs and 27 wins, 27!

Those stats only tell part of the story though. You need to look at two bits of info to really understand how impressive he was that year.

-He threw 30 complete games out of his 41 starts. Let that sink in a second.

-He won 46% of the teams victories that year.

Just imagine if he had even a little run support. He could have easily won over 30 games. At one point he lost 5 games in a row, not due to his pitching but due to the fact the Phillies could only mange 10 runs combined in those games.

He was a beast!

I would hazard a guess that Lefty is not in favor of pitch counts and “shutting down” your starter.

Add the fact he refused to talk to the media and was a bona fide weirdo and you have a true legend!



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