I can’t wait for top off of the NBA season.

I really think this is the T-wolves year to turn it around!

I love me some basketball cards and Panini was happy to oblige with Prestige.

K-Love, Kobe, Duncan and Lebron. Does it get any better? The answer is no.

I like the design and the photos. We get good use of action shots and the little aura glow around the player is a nice touch. A few others have pointed out the big white space on the bottom, and it is a little distracting. I wish they would have let the picture stretch down into that space, but it’s pretty minor.

Panini did mix it up with some landscape shots as well.
I think the T-wolves should just change their names to the Muskies full time.

I am excited for the Brooklyn Nets this season; they have a really cool logo.

Rookies…double rookies that is…




I think a little color in the background would have really pushed these over the top.
For some reason this years draft night photos seem a little silly. I think it’s the hats they had. They all look so big on the players heads. Look at this one.
It’s Huge!

Hands down my favorite cards from the set are these.
Looks at that design, it’s GREAT!

I love the use of vibrant colors on the bottom. It’s a sweet design, one of my favorites in years. My only complaint is I wish they had used it for a full base set.

Here is another one.
I love it!

When busting my box I breezed by this card.
It wasn’t until later I realized these are a one per case hit. It’s a great looking set and they sell very well on the secondary market, very nice.

I have a mess more inserts and autos to share and will do so in a future post.

Stay tuned…



One response to “Ballin’…

  1. I love a good landscape design but to often when the designers work them in to a set the elements are shifted to the point where they seem visibly different from the portrait design. Why it works here is because when they shifted the card over everything remained in the same original position with only the team and “Prestige” logos rotating clockwise 90 degrees, in place, to keep them remaining upright. Leaving the name bar unchanged kept the original design complete.

    It helps using awesome action shots that fill the card face too.

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